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brake Hoses

 On this page, you can know how to choose the brake hose you want. If you know exactly the article you want, you only have to click on the nozzle picture to access to the references page.

1) Important information

 All our brake hoses are compatible with synthetic oil. To order a brake hose compatible with mineral oil, the part number must be followed by «P» for Perbunan.

 Example =

 P2F10-1255 (Without « P » letter therefore to be used with synthetic oil only)

 P2F10-1255P (With « P » letter therefore to be used with mineral oil only)

2) How to choose the length of the brake hose

 The reference of each brake hose is definited following its two nozzles and its length in millimetre (please look on the picture for further information).
 The designation is nozzle1nozzle2-length.

Flexible normal

For the « banjo » typeles, the lenght is taken at the axle of the banjo hole.

Flexible avec embout banjo

Example =

 P2F10-1255 (a brake hose with a nozzle P2 on a end, a nozzle F10 on the other end and a length of 1255 mm)

3) How to choose the nozzle

 On the picture, you can see the different nozzles, and how to find the nozzle you want. Click on the nozzle you want to access to the reference page.

Nozzle XENozzle KNozzle SNozzle MNozzle PNozzle D
Nozzle G
Nozzle FE
Nozzle BE
Nozzle Z
Nozzle B
Nozzle F
Nozzle T
Nozzle U